Some Unusual Fetishes!!

  Fetishes and paraphilias tend to be taboo in our society. Many people have them, but they see them as embarrassing and as things they need to hide. Some of them are seemingly harmless; some are just gross; and others could even get you in trouble with the law. Here aresome of the not so well known…Formicophilia…


Sex/Fetish/Domination..why its good for you!

I read this and it made me smile….sex..fetish…domination…role play…it all releases amazing amounts of endorphins which is why all my wonderful clients feel euphoric after play…I thought I would share this exerpt from The Telegraph.. Why sex is a ‘better headache cure rather than painkillers’ Sex appears to be a cure for headaches, researchers have…


The New TV Dressing and Makeover Studio.

Madame C is currently working on building a new website that will promote the new CFM Studio that is dedicated to professional makeovers,photography and videography,dressing,courses and tutorials in makeup,accomodation,pre-club makeovers,shopping trips,professional makeup and skin products,gel nails, spa manicures and pedicures and lots of other exciting things….watch  this space girls…its going to be party time! Madames C already has…


Sessions with Madame C

Naughty Nephews, School Boys, Maids and Sissies ~ to dress, to tease, to punish and torment, to use as my toy or for the amusement of my friends!! I like to play in a schoolroom environment, domestic setting or sometimes take you to my girlfriends dungeon if you have been exceptionally naughty!

Madame C of Hampshire

Welcome to a world of sophisticated erotic domination, fantasy and fetish role play and exploration of the minds fantasies. With nearly 15 years’ experience of professional Mistressing, fetish film and photographic production and teaching others the art of domination I now prefer to call myself a Fetish Practitioner.