New Dungeon Furniture

We have had suspension installed in the playroom and a new floating bed  made.

I have designed a glory peep box,bondage wall bed,hanging cage of chains and a special frame for a floating fucking bed.

Our Playground of the Wicked dungeon furniture maker is on the case as I write….DSC_5187

Heel Fetish Boot Fetish

Heel Fetish is something a lot a men and woman love. The long phallic shiny heel that entices the voyeur and teases the fetishist with its smooth hard shape like a dagger pointing up to an unobtainable  heaven. To worship at the ground that it walks on to fantasize about what is above. To be told…


Rubber / Latex Film shoot

We had a fabulous shoot today with Lady Jenny behind the camera and The Rubber House Slave. Jenny prepared our submissive house toy in rubber mask,suit,gloves and pants and rubbed every part of his body with shiny dressing lubricant. His cock was tightly restrained in a rubber cock sheath as we had to work him…


Film Clip -My Mistress S&M movie

  click here With all The Fifty Shades of Grey Mania at the moment I wanted to share this  film clip( click above on link). Some lovely moments and scenes to get the juices flowing.. Director Stephen Lance describes his first feature My Mistress as “an impressionistic look at my teenage years”. It stars French actress…


Worlds first S & M suite Londons Sanctum Hotel-by Mistress Madame C

So…the world has finally got it  have they? (As the result of a nouveau Jilly Cooper novel AKA Fifty Shades of Grey!) The world loves KINK FETISH and everything thats naughty…. The Sanctum hotel in London have jumped on the BDSM wagon and offer kinky nights in their purpose built kink room!    …


The True Art of Domination – Mindgasms

I believe your mind is the most powerful tool for erotic kinky play. In this era of consumerism, gadgets and materialism we are led to believe we need all the mod cons available in order to have that ultimate journey of submission and control. Restraints and bondage equipment, devices and contraptions-the list is endless-apparently the…