Woman in Leather and Latex

The visual is always a stimuli for men and for woman . The female super heros in leather catsuits,the latex submissive in fetish films…The sexy secretary,riding mistress,schoolmistress or police officer,or,satin maid. It is especially powerful when it is something that is not worn,seen or accessible in the context of day to day life. Thats why…


Appointments and Events

We will be offering new multi mistress experience events for those of you brave enough to be used by four powerful woman,each event will be different; bondage,strapon,sissy, cfnm,and tie and tease. These will be available from mid August. Mistress Meena is up at the end of July and will be subsequently visiting once a month,please…



There is only 1 appointment leftin June, 11.30 26th.

July availability with MC- 3rd and 5th July,12th,15th,18,19th.

Mistress Asteria or Absynthe are available in the studios or webcam/callback.

Please email info@madame-.co.uk for details

Appointments May/ June 2019

Hi everyone. I will be stepping back during the tail end of May and June and potentially into July. There will be appointments available but within restricted times and days. My PA will be handling any telephone calls and texts and announce when the phone will be on via this website. Email contact is still…


14th May Sissy Belle Party

Limited places available for the sissy/maid/kink party to celebrate Stephanie Belles Birthday and Mistress Asterias up and cuming birthday!

Guests – Mistress Meena- Mistress Esme Mistress Asteria Latex Katie others to be announced

All rooms open for play- it will get pretty damn Kinky!

Please contact info@madame-c.co.uk for details


THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE THOSE WHO DREAM THOSE WHO MAKE THEIR DREAMS REALITY. WHICH ONE ARE YOU? AT Studio Kink we take the time to listen,understand and tailor a day around your dreams, fantasies, and unexplored feelings. With over two decades of experience in counselling and alternative play we provide a safe environment…


Rubber Fetish event with Madame C

Rubber fetish and bondage experience with Madame C. Hampshire Mistress throws the rubber gauntlet down…Can YOU handle it! Imagine- six different positions, sensations created by six hands,never knowing what is coming next. You are dressed in shiny latex ,the mood is dark erotic and you are in a sea of latex ladies….. Getting the idea?…


Rubber Doll Latex Fetish

Rubber Doll and enforced feminisation incorporated with various role play scenarios is an absolute favourite of mine The look,the dehuminisation, the unlimited possibilities and the altered state of mind for the submissive, blend to create an intoxicating platform for alternative kinky play Through makeup and open mask techniques we can create a living rubber doll,or…