THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE THOSE WHO DREAM THOSE WHO MAKE THEIR DREAMS REALITY. WHICH ONE ARE YOU? AT Studio Kink we take the time to listen,understand and tailor a day around your dreams, fantasies, and unexplored feelings. With over two decades of experience in counselling and alternative play we provide a safe environment…


Rubber Fetish event with Madame C

Rubber fetish and bondage experience with Madame C. Hampshire Mistress throws the rubber gauntlet down…Can YOU handle it! Imagine- six different positions, sensations created by six hands,never knowing what is coming next. You are dressed in shiny latex ,the mood is dark erotic and you are in a sea of latex ladies….. Getting the idea?…


Rubber Doll Latex Fetish

Rubber Doll and enforced feminisation incorporated with various role play scenarios is an absolute favourite of mine The look,the dehuminisation, the unlimited possibilities and the altered state of mind for the submissive, blend to create an intoxicating platform for alternative kinky play Through makeup and open mask techniques we can create a living rubber doll,or…


Prostate Massage through Erotossage

Prostate Massage is integrated within the Erotossage Treatment available to book at Studio Kink. An hour treatment with post relaxation period of 20 minutes. If you are looking for sensations and an experience that will take you to another world when this is for YOU! A sublime combination of hot stones,Swedish,Thai,Aromatherapy massage techniques uniquely blended…


Kink Play – Lets Talk.

With over 26 years experience working with individuals who want to experience alternative play, Madame C now offers workshops,talk time and experience sessions for couples and individuals who want to develop ,grow and explore the complex world of Kink Play.

For more information email info@madame-c.co.uk