Monday 3rd March Available appointments 9am  – 1pm   4pm   8pm For same day appointments please call me in the morning, if you cannot get through to me ,leave a voice message stating clearly the time you are looking for, your name, a brief description of the nature of your session request…


Cock Control

It was one minute to six o’clock, Jay had been summoned to see Madame C at precisely 6pm on Sunday evening. His feet sank heavily into the deep gravelled driveway ,the stones hindered his hurried steps and the sound resonated through the cold dark  still evening. His breathing was quick and heavy with excitement and…


E-mail Contact

My e-mail system has crashed and it is currently being re built. I apologise if you have been trying to contact me.

I am still available for sessions.

Please contact me via my telephone- 07935 264 586 until next week Thank you- Madame C

A Jolly Good Spanking

Michael had worked as my general handyman around the house for at least ten years. He was a quiet soul, softly  spoken,  very much old school  and so,so  incredibly polite. I had never ever let him know of my passion for alternative kinky play, I didn’t think he needed to know however, certain items in…


The Art of Sensual Teasing…

So many people are not in touch with their body.! With an erotic blend of varied sensations, teasing, denial and gentle BDSM techniques an individual can  experience the true meaning of fantasy exploration with a tie and tease session. The mind is allowed to let go and focus only on what is happening to the flesh and the soft female…


IMG_0051 pp ae cropped (422 x 364)

My girlfriends and I decided to play a little poker…needless to say there is always one errant player !

Nothing that some strict bondage ,a gag and a sound spanking wont sort out….how divine!