Erotic Fantasy Role Play

Erotic Role Play… Is one of the most powerful games one can indulge in. It prolongs our sexual arousal aand heightens the senses. We nearly all can remember our first sexual encounter, or should I say feelings of sexual arousal. For some of us it can be pre-pubescent, for others in their teenage years. Heightened…


Fetish Boot Camp

Check out Australian Mistress Anna. I think we should run this boot camp in the UK!
Make sure you watch the videos!

New Equipment and Toys

My favourite rubber slave is in the dungeon working on a new piece of equipment for complete restraint and sensory depravation in a standing position. It will be extremely comfortable but impossible to move whilst your body is played with,used and tormented. We have expanded and added to our electric collection and will be ordering…


A day of Medical procedures

      We had a very busy day with examinations at The Medical Examination Clinic yesterday. Madame C and Nurse Jane had to take sperm samples, check for erectile dysfunction and check patients penis size. Urethral stretching and examinations were performed, shaving, internal examinations and testing for prostate enlargement were given to certain patients…


The Medical Clinic

Nurse Jane will be joining me today to set up the clinic for a private photo shoot. Our patient will be shaved, bed bathed and dressed in his medical gown before having a through medical examination. After notes have been taken and assessments completed he will be moved on to he genealogical table for an…