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Welcome to a world of sophisticated erotic domination, fantasy and fetish role play and exploration of the minds fantasies. The world I have created is a playground-a theatre-a sweet shop-an eclectic blend of hedonism, kink, fetish, dark sublime erotic journeys, and acceptance of everything that is different. With many years experience of professional Mistressing, fetish film and photographic production and teaching others the art of domination I now prefer to call myself a Fetish Practitioner.

Over time I have met some amazing individuals, all on a quest for the ultimate experience of alternative kinky play ~ everyone has been different, everyone unique, and everyone has put a smile on my face and added another facet to my diamond of knowledge and experience in this dark sensual world. Some clients have become great friends, some are ships in the night and others dedicated individuals who have travelled a long and ever changing journey of submission with me.

I am not a Mistress who wants you to grovel at my heeled boot (unless we are in role play!) or someone who sees themselves as elite, untouchable or a figment of ones imagination. I am simply a woman who loves to explore, create and make fantasies reality with like minded souls.

I have a great passion, and fascination of the mind, people’s fantasies, experiences and desire to fulfill their search for the ultimate pleasure.Discussing your fantasies and understanding you are as important if not more than, the actual play that unfolds after.

I have a unique style in the art of control and  I see myself as the catalyst that unlocks a door to an individual’s world of fantasy. I create a safe playground for them to explore and become their guide in the exciting journey of alternative play. I am spontaneous, creative and inventive making scenes realistic,exciting and intense,taking you out of reality and into the sexual sublime.

Client confidentiality
Madame C offers a professional service of domination and fantasy role play and adheres to a strict code of conduct, practice and ethics and will not disclose any identifiable or sensitive information to any third party. All conversations and session content are held in the strictest of confidence- respecting clients privacy and confidentiality are paramount at all times.
Please note any telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and/or personal information of clients will NOT be disclosed to any other party or held on file.
There is a strict NO CALL back service (unless otherwise specified or as part of an agreed scenario).
It is very important that you feel safe and comfortable when booking and attending an appointment so you can let go and fully enjoy your time with me.


All procedures ,examinations and scenarios are carried out within a role play environment only.  All services I provide are carried out at your own risk.

I am not a qualified medical professional,but pride myself on  exceptionally high hygiene standards,common sense,years of experience and practise of consensual ,safe play.
All play room’s, bondage equipment and accessories are cleaned to the highest of standards in between appointments.Temperature controlled sterilisation and cold water sterilisation apparatus is used at the studio.
Electro accessories, medical sounds and equipment are all sterilized after use.
Anal toys all have condoms over them and are sterilized immediately after play.
Makeup pads are disposed after one use and brushes cleaned between use. All false lashes are for single use and never re used so as to eliminate cross contamination.
Lipstick and face creams are decanted from the main source and applied to prevent cross contamination.
All mascara wands used are disposable.
All items of clothes (and rubber) provided are washed after use.
Disposable latex gloves are worn by the Fetish Practitioner during certain sections of the appointment.
Shower and wash facilities are cleaned in between clients and all towels are clean and fresh.
I am a Fetish Practitioner and a highly skilled dominant- I do not offer any intimate body worship or sexual services.