Perversion Aversion Therapy by L

Perversion Aversion Looking back, I see that I walked straight into the trap she had set for me. It must have amused her to observe how easily I could be enticed, how blindly I would take her bait. She is like that, Madame C, devious and manipulative, playing on what she sees as my weaknesses…

Availability for sessions.

I will be unavailable to take sessions between 1 st April and the 13th April.

I will still be updating the site with stories and news during that period .

Should you wish to contact me please use or leave a voice message on 07935 264586

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Madame C

Extreme rubber bondage with latex masked mistress

There was NO escape from The Masked Rubber Mistress Madame C as her helpless rubber toy was fully encased in a latex straightjacket,gag,rubber catsuit and,strapped down into a bondage  interrogation chair. The penis pump was used to engorge his already swollen hard cock before various electrodes were added to control his orgasm. Mistresses latex pants were…