E-mail Contact

My e-mail system has crashed and it is currently being re built. I apologise if you have been trying to contact me. I am still available for sessions. Please contact me via my telephone- 07935 264 586 until next week Thank you- Madame C

Chastity Devices

I have just taken delivery of a range of new chrome chastity devices.I intend putting them in the freezer before application….another method of controlling over excitable cocks. I will be taking photos and displaying them on the website as soon as my slaves swollen hard cock calms down…..

Tablecloth slave

My naked slave arrived Saturday to be used, played with and prepared for his initiation with my Mistress girlfriends. .I had prepared some coloured ropes to tether his flesh and over excitable cock and decided to suspend him from my spiral staircase as I prepared some lunch.After carefully binding his swollen cock and balls, I attached…

Rubber Slut Chastisted

Its been a very, very, long day with my Rubber fuck slut Angelica,,needless to say I had to lock her away in her chastity device due to over excitability. I shall report on her activities tomorrow…..She will be kept in strict bondage for the night with the indent of my 8 inch stiletto on her…