August Appointments

There are no appointments being taken from now until 14th August, after which there are limited sessions until 7th September.

Mistress Meena is with me for 3 days in August ( see previous post) and there a couple of slots left on Thursday and Friday.

Please e-mail me for enquiries/bookings.




Interrogation with Madame C

  So … You are the silent type? Well…I have ways,many many ways of making you talk… Firstly I get into your mind. Once that is controlled I then slowly take over the rest of your body,inch by inch by inch, getting every piece of information from the darkest  recesses… Strip searched,denied all human rights…

Erotic Domination

  Sometimes its nice to step away from the extreme side of fetish and BDSM or from your normal style of play and immerse yourself in pure hedonistic pleasure. .. ‘Letting go’ and handing over control to a fetish practitioner can be a truly out of body experience and can be extremely rewarding and satisfying,on…