Fetish Boot Camp

Check out Australian Mistress Anna. I think we should run this boot camp in the UK! Make sure you watch the videos! http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/relationships/sbs-reporter-patrick-abboud-tackles-fetish-boot-camp-run-by-dominatrix-mistress-anna/story-fnet0gt3-1226964948023

New Equipment and Toys

My favourite rubber slave is in the dungeon working on a new piece of equipment for complete restraint and sensory depravation in a standing position. It will be extremely comfortable but impossible to move whilst your body is played with,used and tormented. We have expanded and added to our electric collection and will be ordering…

Cuckolding by Madame C

After 10 years of marriage, my very good friend Maria came to me with a confession that she had become totally bored with her husband. She found him constantly criticizing the size of his own penis and referring to it as small and that it wasn’t performing any longer. Maria knows about my passion for…

The beginnings of Rubber and Latex Clothing

Whilst doing some research about by we like kinky sex and BDSM I stumbled across an article written in The Guardian about an individual called John Sutcliffe who in 1957 brought extreme fetish wear into the living room and introduced a leather and rubber magazine to the masses called Atomage -http://www.atomage.co.uk/AtomageRubberist (Please check it out…

E-mail Contact

My e-mail system has crashed and it is currently being re built. I apologise if you have been trying to contact me. I am still available for sessions. Please contact me via my telephone- 07935 264 586 until next week Thank you- Madame C