We all have fantasies

Its a fact! And they are not all the same.

The spectrum is broad, undulating and complicated. What bondage is to one person is not necessarily to the next.

Cross dressing for one individual could be forced to wear a pair of panties and one of my bras, or for someone else makeup,wigs body shaping,faceshaping ,gender modification and hormones!

Medical play for one could be sent  to the nurse for a prostate exam  for an hour or extreme bondage,electrics deep examinations,milking machine ,medical masks and sensory depravation for hours…………

In order to identify what you want you need to TALK about it.With someone who is experienced.

Talking clarifies,identifies and simplifies.

It can become quite frustrating trying to find that  “Something” and not knowing where to go to find it.

If you are reading this you have made the first step in exploring and experiencing something new,exciting and different.

So, if you are ready to take the next step , simply email me to arrange an in depth telephone discussion on how you can explore and experience thoughts and feelings that you can not necessarily discuss with partners.

With training in counselling and over 25 years experience of helping people understand their thoughts and needs, I offer a safe environment for those wishing to taking the next step into alternative play