Rubber Slut Training

I could not believe what I saw in a well-known ladies underwear shop today…. A rather handsome man blatantly sifting through silky lingerie sets-all in large and medium sizes, what was even more apparent was the bulge in his jeans as he was touching and feeling the textures of the clothes. I boldly approached him…

Bondage Babe Sophie

DSC_3804 (509 x 1239)Before and after shots of the sumptuous Sophie.
We had an outrageous day of photography, play and debauchery. After 6 hours of non stop action we finally ( both ) collapsed in a heap on the bondage bed-surrounded by toys, electrics, heels and stockings ,masks and nail varnish remover!
More photos to follow.

The beginnings of Rubber and Latex Clothing

Whilst doing some research about by we like kinky sex and BDSM I stumbled across an article written in The Guardian about an individual called John Sutcliffe who in 1957 brought extreme fetish wear into the living room and introduced a leather and rubber magazine to the masses called Atomage - (Please check it out…

Kinky Kidnap Capers

Kinky Kidnap Capers by Angelica   Over the last few weeks Madame had cause on a number of occasions to reprimand me for sloppy attention to my duties around the house, poor timekeeping and what she referred to as a bit of a ‘chippy’ attitude. She told me that unless things improved ‘there would be…