New Dungeon Furniture created by Mistress Madame C

The new hanging cage of chains has arrived at Hampshire Mistress Madame Cs playground of the wicked! A fantasic tool to restrain,suspend  and encapsulate a helpless male . Your body will be left swinging and dangling-with your  cock, nipples and holes available for anyone to play with.- Also a sissy swing has been made for girls to be…

Fantasies-The Sexual Theatre of the Mind

A sexual fantasy can be a powerful thought process that allows us to drift off and daydream ad infinitum. It could be as short as a split second as a passing image provokes an erotic thought. It could take a more indulgent form as we write it down, research about it or create an alter…

Availability for sessions.

I will be unavailable to take sessions between 1 st April and the 13th April.

I will still be updating the site with stories and news during that period .

Should you wish to contact me please use or leave a voice message on 07935 264586

Thank you


Madame C

New Dungeon Furniture

We have had suspension installed in the playroom and a new floating bed  made.

I have designed a glory peep box,bondage wall bed,hanging cage of chains and a special frame for a floating fucking bed.

Our Playground of the Wicked dungeon furniture maker is on the case as I write….DSC_5187