My Rubber Latex Bondage Toy

Encased from head to toe in a shiny latex catsuit,latex mask,collar and gag hung my 6 foot four giant sized muscle bound rubber toy. He had been suspended for what seemed hours from the new cage of chains. The only exposure of flesh was his bound swollen cock that I played with intermittendly.I ran my latex…

New Dungeon Furniture created by Mistress Madame C

The new hanging cage of chains has arrived at Hampshire Mistress Madame Cs playground of the wicked! A fantasic tool to restrain,suspend  and encapsulate a helpless male . Your body will be left swinging and dangling-with your  cock, nipples and holes available for anyone to play with.- Also a sissy swing has been made for girls to be…

Perversion Aversion Therapy by L

Perversion Aversion Looking back, I see that I walked straight into the trap she had set for me. It must have amused her to observe how easily I could be enticed, how blindly I would take her bait. She is like that, Madame C, devious and manipulative, playing on what she sees as my weaknesses…

Fantasies-The Sexual Theatre of the Mind

A sexual fantasy can be a powerful thought process that allows us to drift off and daydream ad infinitum. It could be as short as a split second as a passing image provokes an erotic thought. It could take a more indulgent form as we write it down, research about it or create an alter…

Availability for sessions.

I will be unavailable to take sessions between 1 st April and the 13th April.

I will still be updating the site with stories and news during that period .

Should you wish to contact me please use or leave a voice message on 07935 264586

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Madame C