A Jolly Good Spanking

Michael had worked as my general handyman around the house for at least ten years. He was a quiet soul, softly  spoken,  very much old school  and so,so  incredibly polite. I had never ever let him know of my passion for alternative kinky play, I didn’t think he needed to know however, certain items in…


The Art of Sensual Teasing…

So many people are not in touch with their body.! With an erotic blend of varied sensations, teasing, denial and gentle BDSM techniques an individual can  experience the true meaning of fantasy exploration with a tie and tease session. The mind is allowed to let go and focus only on what is happening to the flesh and the soft female…


IMG_0051 pp ae cropped (422 x 364)

My girlfriends and I decided to play a little poker…needless to say there is always one errant player !

Nothing that some strict bondage ,a gag and a sound spanking wont sort out….how divine!


appointments/contacting update information

Bookings/Same Day appointments. I have a lot of enquiries for same day bookings. By all means you may call me and see if there are any appointments available, however, I do like to prepare everything for my clients-physically and mentally . As I am sure you are aware preparation is crucial in the successful execution…


Chastity Devices

I have just taken delivery of a range of new chrome chastity devices.I intend putting them in the freezer before application….another method of controlling over excitable cocks.

I will be taking photos and displaying them on the website as soon as my slaves

swollen hard cock calms down…..