Medical Mistress Hampshire-Madame C awaits

The new medical room is just being set up by the Matron and Nurse C. Urethral sounds, electro therapy, shaving, suction pumps, stretching and prostate examinations are now available in authentic hospital environment. Patients will be expected to strip, hand themselves over to the professional hands of Nurse C and Matron Jane for a thorough…


Sensory Depravation

Imagine….No site….no sound…total encasement as tight rubber restricts and covers every inch of your body. Zips and pipes are gateways to the most sensitive parts of your anatomy and people have access to them as and when they please. You don’t know if your swollen, restricted cock is going top be played with ,or your…


Office Boy Discipline

Slipping into pink for the day and very little else.  I have a passion for role play and today I will be creating the perfect office boss/ errant male employee scenario ….My slack ,egotistical office boy needs to be brought to my office after work and dealt with severely. I shall have him stripped of his suit and designer…



    Monday 3rd March Available appointments 9am  – 1pm   4pm   8pm For same day appointments please call me in the morning, if you cannot get through to me ,leave a voice message stating clearly the time you are looking for, your name, a brief description of the nature of your session request…


Cock Control

It was one minute to six o’clock, Jay had been summoned to see Madame C at precisely 6pm on Sunday evening. His feet sank heavily into the deep gravelled driveway ,the stones hindered his hurried steps and the sound resonated through the cold dark  still evening. His breathing was quick and heavy with excitement and…


E-mail Contact

My e-mail system has crashed and it is currently being re built. I apologise if you have been trying to contact me.

I am still available for sessions.

Please contact me via my telephone- 07935 264 586 until next week Thank you- Madame C